Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is FamCo Advisory Services and what is FamCo Capital?

A: FamCo Advisory Services is a consultant dedicated to working with difficult situations involving operations, finance and investments, situations such as bankruptcies, turnarounds, crisis management or litigation support. FamCo Capital invests its own and its partners' capital in turnarounds and recoveries.

Q: How do I do business with FamCo?

A: Contact us via email or phone and set up a meeting. Once we understand your needs, we’ll go over agreed-upon services and document them in our assessment & engagement letter. The assessment & engagement letter spells out the work that will be performed, rates and term of the engagement.

Q: What types of businesses can FamCo work with?

A: We can work with any type of business, but Middle Market businesses are what we do best. FamCo works very hard to keep things simple for clients so they can concentrate on growing their businesses.

Q: Will FamCo work with a startup company?

A: FamCo will work with your startup to improve governance, operations and financing, as long as it is adequately capitalized.

Q: How does FamCo charge their customers?

A: FamCo can bill in a number of ways. Most of the time clients agree to reasonable success payments for achieving milestones. The total cost is always commensurate with the assignment’s duration and complexity. FamCo Capital and its partners invest as your partners.

Q: Does FamCo work on a retainer basis?

A: Yes, that is often the case. The retainer is based on the size of the company and the amount of work to be performed. We can work this out with most types of businesses.

Q: Can FamCo take over my company’s financing function or take over our filing obligations in bankruptcy, so that I can concentrate on the business?

A: We can accommodate this type of request. A larger, more complex organization should have its own financial staff. In that case, we can direct that department, reorganize it or re-staff it. Please contact us for additional information.

Q: How often will FamCo visit my place of business during the course of the assignment?

A: FamCo can come by anytime. Since we are a results-based company and offer as much service as it takes to do the job, we want to know constantly how things are going with our customers. Often, the best way to know this is via face-to-face meetings.

Q: Can FamCo provide me financial reports on a regular basis?

A: Yes. We can email them, send them in the mail or visit you in person to go over your company’s financial results and records. This last choice is highly recommended.

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