Kenneth B. Funsten, CFA, has over thirty years of experience in corporate and property finance as a debt analyst, portfolio manager and advisor. He has made estimates and decisions about the appropriate rates of interest for loans, mortgages and other fixed income securities. As a Chartered Financial Analyst (or CFA), he is well acquainted with various methods of valuing collateral, with feasibility and with setting appropriate interest rates given that collateral, the borrower’s risk and the terms of the loan proposed. He has also managed companies in distress, serving as a court-appointed Chapter 11 CEO, and has been the principal of a registered investment advisor specializing in high yield and distressed debt securities. He has served on numerous U.S. Trustee-appointed official creditors’ committees in federal bankruptcy court. He has participated in numerous corporate restructurings both in and out of court. He has been called upon by others for advice in crisis management, in valuing complex, hard-to-price securities, in negotiating partnership or vendor disputes and for resolving other difficult financial problems.